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Safety Equipments

Shipchandler Algeria Algiers Action Services our company provides the highest quality services when it comes to safety equipments. All qualified members of our company such as our electrical engineer and mechanical engineer will wholeheartedly provide you with accurate and low-cost services. Our professionals are certified specialists whom have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in ship supplying. We work 24/7 and 365 days a year. Your orders are always welcome regardless of time, day or night.

  • Safety Stores
    • Safety Protective Gear
    • Safety Equipment
      • Inflatable Liferafts
      • Hydrostatic Release Units
      • Life Jackets
      • Lifebuoys
      • Immersion Suits
    • Lifeboat & Liferaft Accessories
    • IMO Symbols & Safety Signs
    • IMO Fire Control Symbols
    • Safety & Environmental Posters
    • Pyrotechnics
      • Hand Flares
      • Rocket Parachute Flares
      • Rocket Star Signals
      • Manoverboards
      • Buoyant Smoke Signals
      • Self-igniting Lights
      • Bridge Distress Kits
    • Line Throwing Apparatuses
    • Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
    • Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
    • Oxygen Indicators
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Indicators
    • Multi-Toxic Gas Monitors
    • Combustible Gas Detectors
    • Personal Gas Detectors
    • Safety Handlamps
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